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12 Reasons To Visit Corfu

The Austrian Empress Elisabeth, better known as Sissi, visited Corfu on a trip around Europe in 1861 and immediately fell in love with the island. She decided to build the famous Achilleion Palace so she could return to this paradise any time. She was not the first and definitely not the last person to fall in love with the Greek island. So what makes Corfu so special? Here are 12 reasons why you should definitly consider spending your next holiday here.

Aerial view of Issos Beach

1. The Beautiful Beaches

One of the advantages of spending your holiday on an island is that it is surrounded by water and that means beaches! Instead of one large beach surrounding the island, the coastline of Corfu rather consists of many beautiful rock formations, and small bays creating many secluded beaches which are surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Every beach is different and that means some are places are more crowded while others are deserted. By hopping around the island, you can find some of the most stunning beaches you have ever seen!

2. It’s The Greenest Greek Island

Greece has many smaller and larger islands, but there can only be one the greenest of them all. The slightly wetter climate as a result of the location northeast of Greece’s mainland makes Corfu’s soil more fertile with beautful nature as a result. Corfu is nicknamed the ’emerald island’ because of this. If you didn’t know this yet, you might want to check out our article about fun and interesting facts about Corfu as well.

3. It’s Great For Families With Kids

Finding the perfect holiday destination is not easy for a family with kids as everyone has their own opinion making it had to make a compromise that suits the whole family. As a parent you’re working hard all year and you probably look forward to unwind and relax, but might also want to see something of the world, while your kids could be more interested in activities, entertainment and making new friends. Corfu has the perfect mix so there’s something for everyone with many beaches, resort hotels with entertainment programs and other activities, cultural heritage, and many different options for food. There are many resort hotels which are kids friendly so neither you or your kids will have to be bored while you can still recharge your batteries.

Ryanair plane approaching Corfu International Airport

4. It’s Easy To Get To

The island is well connected via its international airport and port making it very easy to get to Corfu. Especially during the summer months, when the airlines intensify their schedules, there are many direct flights from across Europe to Corfu, inluding budget and charter flights. From mainland Greece, Italy and Albania, there are also direct ferries to Corfu Port, which also include options to take your car to the island. Alternatively it’s also easy to rent a car upon arrival or take the Green Buses around the island.

Moussaka at Taverna Ninos

5. The Food Is Mouth-Watering

If fresh yoghurt, cheese, honey, locally grown olives, tomatoes, and other fruits and vegetables don’t sound mouth-watering enough to you, combine this with traditional Greek recipies, Italian and British influences and of course some freshly cought fish. Unlike mainland Greece, Corfu has never been occupied by the Ottomans, but has been under Venetian, French, and British rule for long periods of time, which have definitely enriched the cuisine on the island. Don’t worry if this all doesn’t get you excited because there are many other international food options available as well.

6. It Has A Rich History

The oldest archeological remains that can still be observed in Corfu date back to the 12th century BC which means that the island has been inhabited for more than 3000 years. So Corfu has a rich history with many influences of the Venetian, British and French periods which have each left their marks. Even if you don’t care about history or museums, you might still enjoy the beautiful architecture of the many historic buildings around the island.

7. The Weather Is Amazing

The weather in Corfu fluctuates throughout the seasons, but summers are always hot and dry, which means that you can always count on a lot of sunshine. But outside the busy summer season, the weather is also surpringly pleasant, especially during spring and fall, while the winters are very mild with still a lot of sunshine. So if the weather is your concern, Corfu is among the best European destinations during all seasons of the year.

Vido Island

8. The Turqoise Waters And Beautiful Islands

Corfu not only has amazingly beautiful beaches, the waters of the Ionian Sea are also picture perfect with their turqoise color. The crystal clear waters also have a relatively high visibility which makes the conditions perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. Around the island are several smaller inhabited and uninhabited islands to visit making it also worth to take a boat trip.

Street in the historic old town

9. The Town And Smaller Villages Are Charming

The historic old town of Corfu is definitely a must visit for its charming architecture, influenced under Venetian, French, and British rule. You can visit the old and new fortress, discover the remains of ancient Paleopolis, or simply wander the cobbled streets browsing for olive wood objects, Kumquad products, and other souvenirs. But around the island are also many smaller villages that will steal you heart with their charm. Pelekas is for example built on a hill, overlooking the sea, while Acharavi and Arilla are picturesque beach villages.

10. You Can Experience Unique Traditions

You probably associate Corfu with a holiday destination and a lot of focus on tourism, but this doesn’t mean that the local residents don’t keep their tradions. In fact, the Corfiotes are very conservative when it comes to their culture and traditions and that means even the oldest habits and festivities are still very much alive. One of the most important and unique celebrations is Easter, which has even become an attraction for tourism. This is not only visible in the churches, but the entire island is full of festive activities during the Holy Week, which include philharmonic performances and a large ceremony on Spianada Square. The Venetians have also brought the customs of carnival to Corfu, which is still celebrated to this date. Other traditions include the production of olive oil, which is also still used to produce hand made olive oil soap following a generations old recipe.

11. It’s Great For Outdoors

The rough landscape and beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters make Corfu a perfect destination for outdoor activities. At the beaches you can do plenty of water sports, go diving or fishing, while the mountenous terrain is great for hiking, mountainbiking or adventure tours with a quad or ATV, or what to think about exploring the island on a horseback ride.

12. There’s A Bustling Nightlife

If you’re a night owl you’re also in the righ place in Corfu, although it depends a little bit on where you’re staying on the island. Corfu Town is buslting with restaurants and bars and has many people wandering around the small streets until late at night. There are also several bars that stay open until the early hours for the true night owls. But the town is not the only place to party as there are several areas around the island with a night scene, including Kavos, Ipsos, Sidari, Glyfada, and Dasia.

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