Corfu Car Rental FAQ

We’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions and answers about renting a car in Corfu, so you can find everything you need to know before booking and driving a rental car.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cancellation policy varies per car rental supplier, but in many cases you can still cancel or amend your booking up to 24 or 48 hours before the start of your reservation. To cancel or change the reservation, you have to go to Manage Booking (see the link in the booking confirmation email). Don’t cancel your reservation directly with the supplier without cancelling the booking in Manage Booking, because you might not be elligible for a refund.

For insurance purposes all drivers need to be registered by the rental company. So if you want to let someone else than the main registered driver drive in the car, you need to mention this to the rental company upon pickup so they can arrange the formalities. Adding extra drivers to the rental agreement usually comes at a fee, although some rental companies offer to register a second driver for free. All drivers need to bring their drivers’ license to process the registration.

Whether you’re allowed to take your rental car on a ferry off from Corfu depends on the policy of the rental company. Some companies don’t allow this, while others do allow you to go to the mainland of Greece, but not abroad. In most cases you need a formal document granting you permission to take the rental car abroad if they allow this. You need to request this upfront so they can prepare the document and provide you with the original green insurance card. So in any case it’s best to check the policies of the rental company and which fees apply before booking a car if you plan to take it off the island.

All rental cars come with basic insurance that is mandatory by law, like collision damage waiver and third party liability insurance. However, an access amount applies and the insurance usually doesn’t cover damage to tires, windshields, loss of keys etc. During the booking process you are offered several options to add additional insurance coverage and to lower the excess amount. This is of course optional but it can give you great piece of mind knowing that you are fully covered.

After you have made a reservation on our website you should have received a confirmation email with your booking voucher and details. Via the ‘Manage Booking’ link in the email you can make amendmends to your reservation.

On your car rental voucher you can find the contact details of the rental company. However, if you want to cancel or make any changes to your reservation, you should not contact the supplier, but do this via Manage Booking. You can find the link to Manage Booking in the booking confirmation email and on the rental voucher.

Unfortunately flight delays happen sometimes and if this is the case you don’t want this to have too much impact on your holiday. If you are renting a car directly from Corfu Airport, it’s best to add your flight number to your booking, so the car supplier can look up your flight details in case you don’t show up at your reserved pick-up time. If you’re facing a major delay or expect to arrive outside the opening hours of the rental office, it’s best to contact the suppier directly to make sure they keep your car and to discuss an alternative pick-up time. You can find their contact details on your rental voucher.

Demand for rental cars is very seasonal in Corfu, which causes the prices to go up during the busy summer months. The longer you wait and the later you book, the less cars will be available and the higher the price will be. So in order to find the best deals for a rental car, it’s best to search and book as early as possible. On our car rental page you can search and compare prices between the different car rental companies in Corfu for your specific dates and book the best option that suits your wishes.

The fuel policy is determined by the car rental company and can be found on your rental voucher. It is always adviseable to check the fuel level of the car upon pickup and make sure that it is marked correctly on the rental agreement. Fuel is never included in the rental price, so always make sure to return the car with the same amount of fuel to avoid additional costs.

In your booking confirmation and on the rental voucher you can find the exact pick-up address and instructions and the contact details of the supplier. If you have booked a rental car at Corfu Airport, you can find the car rental desks in the arrivals hall. However, some companies are located outside the airport terminal so always check the exact location on your rental voucher.

Most car rental companies in Corfu are located in the main city Corfu Town, at the airport and at or near Corfu Port. This is convenient if you plan to pick up a car directly upon arrival in Corfu and drop it off when you leave. However, there are also cars available in other parts of the island, although the choice of companies and cars can be a bit more limited. On our car rental page you can search for available cars based on your preferred location and dates to compare the offers.

In order to rent a car in Corfu you need the following documents:

  • A valid drivers’ license. Most rental companies accept a drivers’ license from Europe, the US, or Canada, or an international drivers’ permit from another country.
  • A valid passport or photo ID.
  • A digital version or printed copy of your car rental voucher.
  • A credit card in the name of the main driver with sufficient funds to cover the excess amount stated in the rental voucher.

In Greece the minimum age to drive a car is 18 years, but most rental companies won’t rent a car to anyone younger than 25 or older than 70. Some companies offer car rental to drivers from the age of 21, but might charge an additional fee for this. Most rental companies also require you to have had your drivers’ license at least a year.

If you add your flight number to your car rental reservation, the car supplier can look up your flight details in case you don’t show up in time because your flight is delayed. This way they will be aware to keep your reservation and not give away your car to someone else who walks in last-minute. Of course this only applies if you arrive at Corfu Airport and pick up your car directly from there. In case of a major delay you’re also advised to contact the car supplier, especially if you’re expected to arrive outside of the opening hours of the rental office, so you can make alternative arrangements. However, if your flight is cancelled or rescheduled in advance you’re advised to amend your reservation via Manage Booking. You can find the link in the booking confirmation email.

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