12 Wonderful And Unique Souvenirs To Take Home From Corfu

Every trip is different and leaves unique memories that last forever. It’s therefore a common habit to take something home from that holiday destination in the form of a souvenir. In many destinations you can find similar souvenirs like magnets, cups, and t-shirts with a print of the destination, but we understand you might be looking for something more unique and typical for the specific destination to give to your family or keep for yourself.

Corfu has a rich history and culture which can be found back in many of the products sold on the island. So if you want to take home a distinguishing souvenir that is truly related to Corfu we’ve got you covered as we’ve listed 12 of the most unique souvenirs you can find on the island for you.

1. Kumquat Liquor

Kumquat is an unusual and tiny fruit that was brought to Corfu from China in 1846 and has since been grown on the island due to its perfect climate. One of the most popular uses of the fruit is to make kumquad liquor, an alcoholic beverage which is a delicacy and typical product of Corfu. Its sweet taste makes it easy to drink and with an alcohol percentage of 20-25% it’s less strong than typical hard liquors. You can find it in almost any souvenir shop and it comes in different brands and bottle sizes, including the unique bottles that are shaped in the form of the island.

Souvenir shop selling kumquat products

2. Other Kumquat Products

Although you can buy fresh kumquats and eat them, most of the egg-shaped fruits that are grown on the island are used to make other products. Apart from the kumquat liquor, other popular uses are to make kumquat marmelade, candy or cookies. There are even entire shops or sections of shops dedicated to kumquat products.

3. Ouzo

You can’t visit Corfu and not have at least a taste of Ouzo. Whether you like or hate the strong aniseed smell and taste, the spirit is the national drink of Greece which makes it a perfect candidate for a souvenir from your trip. But if ouzo is not your cup of tea, you’re probably better off with the kumquat liquor or a bottle of local wine.

4. Olive Oil

Greece is well-known for its olive oil, but Curfu in particular is internationally renowned for its top quality of the green liquid. During the Venetian times, the inhabitants of Corfu were paid to plant olive trees to boost production and exports. The island now counts over 4 million olive trees, some of which are hundreds of years old. The olive trees in Corfu are larger then elsewhere and according to a legend this is because Saint Spyridon forbid the Corfiotes from cutting the branches of the trees because it was considered cruel. So instead of picking the olives, the people were spanning nets under the trees and waited for the olives to fall down by themselves, giving them its unique taste.

To this day olive oil is still the largest export product of Corfu, so by taking home a bottle you definitely have a souvenir with a long history and a strong connection to the island.

Handmade soap blocks at Patounis’ Soap Factory

5. Handmade Olive Soap

Another use for olive oil is to make olive oil soap, which is a natural and very skin-friendly product. Olive oil soap has been made by hand for generations following a centuries-old recipe that has been transfered from father to son to grandson and so on. You can buy the soap around the island, but you can also have a look at how it’s still being made in Patounis’ Soap Factory in Corfu Town.

6. Leather Sandals

Another handcraft that is still practiced in Corfu today is leather crafting. There are many shops selling leather items including belts, wallets, handbags and jackets, but we would like to emphasize one product in particular: leather sandals. Sandals have been worn by the Corfiotes for centuries and are still among the most popular footwear among the locals during the hot summers. Leather sandals are comfortable and durable and apart from being a great souvenir, you can already reap the benefits of them during your holiday!

7. Tavli

If you like board games, you should consider buying a set of tavli, which is a Greek version of backgammon. The tables game is the national board game for two players which consists of three games that are played in succession. Beautiful wooden boards with handmade pieces can be found in various shops around the island.

8. Ceramics

Ceramics are definitely among the most eye-catching souvenirs you can buy in Corfu. Local artisans make beautiful pieces from clay which are usually painted with artistic motifs in bright colors. You can find anything from cups to plates, bowls, vases, and many other objects around the island.

Olive wood and other products at a souvenir shop

9. Olive Wood Products

Wood sculpting is another historic craft that is still around in Corfu today and the many olive trees are a great source of sustainable wood production. Although growing slowly, olive trees can have their branches pruned while the stump remains and regenerates new branches to resume olive production. Olive wood is strong, hard, and heavy, and has an irregular grain making every poduct unique and aesthetically appealing. You can find many different hand crafted items including kitchen utensils, bowls, bracelets, photo frames, and various artefacts so you’ll definitely find something to your taste.

10. Dried Herbs

Herbs and spices are an integral part of Greek cuisine and you can take those flavors as well as the recipes home to relive those holiday memories. Corfu has a wealth of dried herbs that you can buy in simple packages or in more appealing gift packages. You can also find recipe books so you can make your own souvlaki, moussaka, gyros or other delicious Greek dishes at home.

11. Honey

Another delicious natural product you can take home is locally produced honey. The golden fluid from traditional beekeepers can be bought in various containers, including small jars that you can take in your hand luggage.

12. Kozinaki

For centuries, sweets have been a great way to make your friends (or yourself) happy, so this is always a safe bet when it comes to souvenirs. Kozinaki is a typical Greek sweet treat made from various nuts, sesame seeds, and honey syrup. Corfiotes love them and you can buy them almost anywhere around the island in different forms and sizes.