Corfu is generally considered a safe island and the chances that something will happen during your holiday are very small. However, it’s always good to be aware of any risks, what to look out for, and what to do in case of any unforeseen emergencies.

Emergency Phone Numbers

In case of any emergency you can always call the general emergency number (112). Greece uses the same pan-european number for all emergencies, including police, ambulance, and fire.

Emergency number: 112


In case of any medical emergencies you can call the general emergency number 112 or attend the emergency department of the General Hospital of Corfu on Palaiokastritsas in Corfu Town. However, due to the large number of tourists in the summer, the hospital can get crowded so it’s much better the prevent any injuries with these tips:

  • Make sure to drink enough water during hot weather. Summers are very hot which means you’re sweating much more and need to drink more as well. Alcohol also dehydrates as well, so make sure to drink enough non-alcoholic drinks like water as well.
  • Always supervise your children, especially near the water at the beach or swimming pool, or at a playground.
  • Never drink and drive. You shouldn’t do this at home either, but now you’re also driving on unfamiliar roads which are narrow, and can be steep and busy, so you need be sharp.
  • Always wear a helmet on a scooter or moter bike. Any rental company should provide you with a one for yourself and your passenger, so make sure you always use it.
  • Be aware that there can be strong currents, so never go too far into the sea. If there are any marker in the water, make sure to stay within the designated swimming area, to avoid any incidents with boats or jet skis.

Tap Water

Tap water is safe to drink in Corfu, although it is considered ‘hard’ and high in mineral content. Many people prefer to drink bottled water instead because it tastes better. But this should not hold you back from drinking tap water and using it for washing fruit, vegetables and for cooking.


Smoking has been strictly prohibited in all public indoor spaces in Corfu and the rest of Greece since 2010 and tobacco advertements have also been banned since then. Smoking is however allowed outdoors, including on outdoor terraces and on beaches.

LGBTQ+ Travelers

Since Corfu is a very popular holiday destination which attracts all kinds of crowds which mostly come from across Europe and include a large number of gay and other member of the LGTBQ+ community. Greek people are very friendly and welcoming and you will notice that the gay acceptance is very high in Corfu. Although there is not a large gay community among the local population, it won’t be hard to find other gay people during the holiday season.

Solo And Female Travelers

Corfu has a high reputation when it comes to safety, which makes it an ideal destination for (female) solo travelers. It’s pretty safe to walk around alone or go to secluded beaches on your own and the extensive bus network makes it easy to make your way around the island by yourself.